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The problem is NOT that I can't have the exact same racquet that Federer, Agassi or whichever professional player uses.

You can when you go into the bosworth vintage racquets. I really don't think everyone who goes in there and buy those racquets must somehow have a problem with their game or mentality or anything of a negative nature, or expect to hit a lendl forehand with a lendl racquet for example. I don't see the connection between getting ahold of an on-spec racquet and "having problems with one's game". The bosworth collection is a wonderful addition to TW in my humble opinion. And hey, if a company decides to not make a racquet spec anywhere near, available to the public, for whatever reason, I don't have any problem with it, but the solution is not to intentionally deceive people with wrong specs TO THINK THEY ARE.

What'd you expect them to do? Have Wilson to allow Federer to continue using the PS 85 w/o the Tour 90 & Ncode paint?

No. You can paint stawberry shortcakes on those racquets for all I care, just don't claim federer used it to win wimbledon when he didn't.

Let's be a little bit more realistic here, these businesses exists to make money & profits, and if possible thru any means that will entice ppl to buy their products, period!

I disagree with "thru any means...".
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