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Rubbish! It's only a deceptive business plan if you think you are being deceived. I mean, I usually don't like blaming the victim, but come on, don't believe everything you see from a mile away. Most top players seem to play with rackets that came from their company anyway. It really is not going to change your amateur tennis career whether you are playing with a Prestige Classic, i.prestige, or LM Prestige or Tour 90, St. Vincent Pro Staff (well, then you might be WORSE!), etc. For the vast majority of players, the game is played on a amateur level for fun and exercise.

Most amateur players obviously don't know and don't care what materials are in Roger Federer's racket (hint: it's probably graphite and Kevlar). And if you do know, it won't affect you at all! Do you want all pros to play with current models with no lead tape as most amateurs do? Or should we each have our custom mold and regularly test out different specs? Obviously these things would make no sense and I believe everything is fine as it is. If you all you want are pro sticks, then cut your losses and sell your LM Prestige and add some lead tape to a Prestige Classic.

This is why tennis is hierarchical and has rankings!!!! Seriously, nobody cares what some joe blow has to say about some racket they saw some player swinging on TV. Get a life!!!!
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