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Originally Posted by TheTruth View Post
I've never heard of this, Roger's interviews with Courier aren't serious. I don't believe that. We only have what he said we can't analyze their motives. That's actually the problem with this whole accusatory thing. No one knows whether Rafa was hurt or not, yet many declare him a cheater. Ironically, Fed admits to gamesmanship, but he wasn't serious.

It was an interview after the match. More than one person saw it as it was telecast worldwide. Everyone knows he said it, if he hadn't you couldn't say he wasn't serious. You've actually proved he did say it, by saying he didn't mean it. So, why would I need more proof?
Roger has in a FORMAL presser admitted that he dosen't take interviews with Courier seriously.But carry on believing what you want.

And what did he say anyway?What did I prove?
Anyone with a little bit of common sense will know that Roger wasn't expecting a slight shift in shadow that would occur in a span of less than two minutes to make ANY difference in the match at all.
And I saw that part of the match again.Roger wasn't even gone for two whole minutes.So can someone PLEASE explain to me where this gamesmanship occured?

And again please tell us-What admission of using gamesmanship are we talking about?
LOL The funny part is Roger is supposed to have admitted to using gamesmanship when he never actually used it in the first place
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