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Thanks for the encouraging words!

Surgery is tomorrow!!

I'm not nervous, just anxious to get it over with and begin my rehab and get healthy. This whole thing already feels like its been awhile. And it has I'll have surgery almost 6 weeks to the day after the initial injury.

A few notes:
  • I've decided to do the hamstring graft. My surgeon should be very capable and ensure no extra laxity (my only real concern).
  • I've been doing A LOT of PT since I got the results of my MRI. About an hour every day actually. 30 min biking, followed by various leg strengthening exercises outlined by my physical therapist. I've been upping the number of sets as I feel comfortable as well, and right now I have all but 10* ROM and my strength is pretty good. The knee actually feels semi-normal, even though it still feels like buckling and there are twinges of pain here and there.
  • In addition to the PT, since I've been in the gym every day I've taken it upon myself to do some extra cardio and some extra weights. I mean, why not? I'm in the gym, lets make use of it. On a four day cycle, I swim a pretty rigorous set (no kicking of course) one day, do a complete upper body workout the next, then a rest day, then swim again and start the cycle over. I hope to use this rehab period to get into some great shape and to learn about nutrition and taking care of my body. When life gives you lemons....
Anyway that's a quick wrap. Wish me luck for my surgery! I'm gunning for the end of December to get back on the courts.
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