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Originally Posted by TheTruth View Post
I no longer have the match. He said it. That's good enough for me. Whether he lied the first time (when he said it), or later when he denied it, people believe what they want to believe, right?

Why wouldn't he come back and say that after making such an omission on TV? Anyway, I don't want to turn this into a circular argument, because I believe he did exactly what he said, and no one's convincing me otherwise. And I'm not checking the weather for the sun's position on that day and time.
What did he say anyway? What admission are we talking about here?Like I said nothing in his tone or in his words indicated any seriousness(unless you took him seriously while he showed "one centimetre" on his finger with a grin).And again Roger has said in a presser that he dosen't take interviews with Courier seriously.
Their intervies,more often than not,are light-hearted.
Anyway,the gamesmanship never happened.So Nadal fans can believe what they want.
Our character is defined ,not by others but by ourselves.Peek into your conscience.It tells you everything.

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