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Originally Posted by John16 View Post
Wow, one of the most interesting and complete pieces of writing I have ever seen concerning tennis. Nice job!

Originally Posted by Shadow Mix View Post
so.... can we say that the all rounders pwn all? Since they can adjust into playing various types of playstyles, btw If u all dont mind can u say what pwns what, like a cycle?

Ill say what I think ok?
Junk Ballers>Baseliners

Pusher depends on other players level right?
All Rounder>all
"pwns?" Sorry, I don't speak your language.

Originally Posted by djokovicgonzalez2010 View Post
Is there such a thing as a pusher who is also friendly with the net? Cuz that's what I do...

I do usually just push it back, though I also frequently drop shot/lob/heavily slice, but I also approach the net lots, usually off a heavy slice. Mental toughness and speed are my best parts, which fits with pusher or counterpuncher I guess.
You seem like a form of Junk Baller to me.

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