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I jumped the gun and swung by mcmaster to get the following:

2 Each 94750A582 Black-Oxide Steel Full-Thread T-Slot Nut 3/8"-16 Thread Size, for 1/2" Slot Width $2.43
2 Each 6271K29 Die Cast Zinc Adjustable Handle 3/8"-16 Thread X 2-3/8" L Stud, 2-9/16" L Handle $8.56
2 Each 5909K11 Cage Assembly for 10 mm Shaft Diameter, 24mm OD Steel Thrust Needle-Roller Bearing $3.17
4 Each 5909K71 1 mm Thick Washer for 10 mm Shaft Diameter Steel Thrust Needle-Roller Bearing $1.08

Every piece looks stout so I'm hoping this will last. The adjustable handle can't strip out like the original one piece. The bearings are much higher quality also. Ken, Can you post that info here for others to see? I assume this is a common problem.
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