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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
I thought the adjustable handle bolts were 8MM?
Yep. M8-1.25. I switched to 3/8" for two reasons. First, the threads in the original T-slot nuts were wearing down. It was just a matter of time before they would get stripped out. I couldn't find M8 t-slot nuts that would fit the glide slots well. Secondly, a larger bolt will provide more clamping force and last longer. I had to drill out the holes in the swivel bases a hair larger.

I just strung a racket with the new setup and it's a night and day difference. I was thinking about getting a new stringer just to get the quick cam type clamps but not anymore. The ball on the end of the handle, the added length, and the high quality bearings makes the clamps much easier to use.

I'd recommend this upgrade to anyone with the standard eagnas swivel clamps, even if they are working fine.
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