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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
It has more credibility in doubles when the net man on the receiving side has a better view.

Can the net man call a FF or does it have to be the returner? (I think either can call)
Either can call of course. I would think you'd have a right to be more suspicious if the returner is calling it.

Unless the server is venturing several feet into the court or walks right into the court or is starting the whole motion while standing on the line (I know one guy that does that just to start an argument).

I know everyone says that everyone does it, and I know that you shouldnt do it.

But if depending on how you want to define "flagrant", that eliminates a lot of people. I know of only 3 or 4 people in my amateur tennis career that I would consider to be flagrant, and EVERYONE knows they do it, and THEY know they do it, and it does get called.

(it's flagrant because they either jump way into the court to get a head start or one guy is a lefty and he spins around and steps across in a sort of continuation of a circle which gives him a huge amount of lefty slice)
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