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Originally Posted by TheLoneWolf View Post
Early in the 21st Century, the TW Corporation advanced troll evolution into the bruce38, a being virtually identical to a human, known as a TW ubertroll. The bruce38 trolls were superior in strength and agility, and at least equal in determination, to the nerds that created them. Bruce38 units were used in the internet as slave labor in the hazardous exploration and colonization of dumb threads. After a bloody post by a bruce38 team in a TW subforum, bruce38 trolls were declared illegal in TW under penalty of ban. Special moderator squads, Blade Runner Units (or Sentinels) had orders to shoot and kill, upon detection, any trespassing troll. This was not called execution. It was called retirement.
same for you mate. im not trolling. first, you should get the facts right. back in the eighties, i think either pros were not allowed to play Olympic games in tennis or for some reason no good player would take part
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