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Originally Posted by Leonidas View Post
you´re right, but, how many? I´m sure most of his GS are not against nadal, murray or Djoker (the one against Soderling does not really count since Soderling was a novice and played way worse than he was playing). If you drop federer´s slams against hewitt, safin, roddick and so on, he´d be 7-8 or so right? fair enough, those slams do count, but you´ll agree that those rivals were not so good. That´s obvious
Yea but the same happened against Nadal this FO.
And Federer is a mentally weak crybaby who played way worse than he usually does against Nadal in all of the slam finals. So that means Nadal has 0 slams...

Actually in the end Nadal has 0 slams, you know why? Because he never had to face and win against the raging beast of a tennis player that is no doubt the undisputed GOAT (or will be) and on top of that is one sexy mofo,
the one,
the only,
el toro,
raging bull

Rafael Nadal!

And no one else, except Fed has done so in the history of tennis (and Del potro!)

So really

Fed has 3 slams (2 against Nadal + Cincy)
Del Potro has 1 slam
Nadal and the rest of the ATP tour present and past combined have 0 slams


Fed = GOAT

wat u think?
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