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Originally Posted by samboy01 View Post
Federer is done.

Nadal will be in double digits very soon. After that, the sky is the limit!

I see him ending with:

3 AO
8 FO
4 WB
1 UO

That's 16 slams. Add the fact that he would have more master series than Federer, the gold medal AND a convincing head-to-head against him especially in grandslam finals. And there you have it: Nadal is GOAT

Federer fans, I know that Nadal is younger, fiercer and making a move, please don't stab him
IMO, this is a pretty realistic scenario

If Nadal ends up winning 14 majors... it will be questionable as to whether Federer is the more accomplished player of the two. Especially if he wins 8 FO's, more total titles and an additional gold medal at Wimbledon in 2012.

Nadal is going for a double back-to-back win at FO/Wimby tomorrow. This would place him above Agassi, IMO.

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