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Originally Posted by heninfan99 View Post
It's up to his knees & ankles. With his will power and talent 16 is doable.
The question I can't answer is can Federer be the GOAT is he can't beat Nadal?
Federer isn't even the best of his generation with the huge lopsided H2H with Rafa.

Federer is the most accomplished male singles player in the Open Era (so far)

Originally Posted by TheLoneWolf View Post
It's easy: You don't need to answer the question, because it is flawed (the concept of GOAT is not realistic.)
Agreed... one would have to consider the technology (strings, racquets, etc), playing surfaces... plus how dominant a leading player was over all competition during his reign at the top.

Federer has a huge problem... the lopsided (7-14) record across all surfaces with Nadal... with many of Federer's losses occurring during his prime.

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