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Yes it's bad etiquette to hit directly at the net person, IF, you have other choices for a winner. It's also dumb, because even the biggest hack will unintentionally get it back in an act of shear self-preservation returning it for a winner off the butt end of his racket.

Whenever I've tried to clock an opponent with a direct hit, it almost never works and I wind up miss-hitting and losing the point. I've seen very good pros who normally never miss, get ****ed-off, go head-hunting after opponents, and miss terribly more than once in a match.

The problem is the blood gets into the eyes, clouding the vision!

It's not bad etiquette to hit at an opponent--when you aren't deliberately hitting at an opponent--and its just a result of a natural reflex volley that was well hit. You didn't have time to make a choice to hit to an open space, it just happened. Then you wave sorry, in a sign of good tennis etiquette and good players will understand, and say "Nice volley".

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