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Originally Posted by Megi View Post
I'm contemplating a trip to Dubai around the time of the 2011 Dubai Tennis Championships and though I'd ask whether anybody has been to the tourney and would like to share the experiences, tips, etc.

I didn't go. I tried - and failed a few yrs ago. Here is the sad saga:

I emailed them months in advance - I believe it was Oct (tournament is in late Feb - I like to make arrangements early). They said 'internet tickets won't go on sale until some day in early Jan. So on the day in question I log in - still not for sale. Log in later in the day and they're on sale - but already only tickets for the 1st two days are available; the rest of the days were already sold out. I was hoping to buy a package for the whole week - NFW I'm flying that far for two days of early rounds. I email them. They admit most of the tickets only go on sale at the Box Office in Dubai.

I still want to go to the region - the last one on my bucket list. Thinking about Doha or the exo around New Years. Or I'll go to the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi.

Good luck. If you have better luck, please post!
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