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We can agree to disagree...

Originally Posted by OrangeOne View Post
There are hundreds of team sports out there, where people compete as a team.
Let's start here. At least in the US - you don't list your location - they say '7 time Tour Winner, Lance Armstrong.' They don't name his team as having won 7 times, then list him as the captain. So you may know it's a team - but a lot of people don't.

And I won't even bring up the fact that the last stage is mostly ceremonial - they ride into Paris drinking champagne.

Originally Posted by OrangeOne View Post
It's like playing tennis, and allowing your opponent to have an injury time-out to have their ankle taped.
Bad analogy. A better one would be a broken string - and those points count. It's considered bad luck. Just like in racing - F1 doesn't slow down if someone has trouble getting their tire lugs fastened properly.

I'm sorry you think we're disparaging your 'sport' - but it's very flawed. At least compared to tennis. Again, we can agree to disagree.
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