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Originally Posted by pshulam View Post
The beam width of Tricomp is only 22mm (constant beam). The Thunderstick has a dual taper beam (28mm head/24mm shaft). Your assumption may be correct as the Tricomp is very similar to the Spectrum Comp in feel with the exception of additional power.
The CTS Thunderstick was 32mm at the top of the head with a 'constant taper' (hence the Constant Taper System moniker) to the handle. The Tricomp was the "update" to the Spectrum Comp. It even had the same material composition - graphite, fiberglass, and ceramic (tri-composition). It came out at the same time as the Graphtech DB - another one of my favorites. I think marketing-wise those frames lost out to the CTS line that were made of varying widths and were available in both midsize and oversize headsizes. I remember the ads.....they were good.

Enjoy your Tricomp 90. It was one of those forgotten about or disrespected frames at the time. Not really a widebody, not a conventional racket.

There are so many good frames from the 80's and early 90's that people just don't know about. That's why the 'classic' forum is great. People like us share their memories of their favorites and new or renewed experiences with terrific old frames.
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