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Default To answer your "issue"

First, you can tell us all not to "cry" but if I actually owned a Ferrari then sold you a Honda kit car that looked like a Ferrarri, because you wanted the one I used, in the US that would be fraud.

This is not marketing, nor sales. It is actually a deceptive practice that in other industries with more money companies would get fined and possibly have people go to jail.

If Roger isn't using an nCode, then it shouln't look like one. Everyone knows that player copy-cating (if thats a word) is a big reason tennis players buy frames. Since it is well known that this is one of the largest sales boosters, then it is actually wrong for a company to tell you a guy is using a frame when he is actually using another.

To give you a better example, I play a Rickenbacker bass guitar. Mine looks like everyone elses from a distance, but i use a custom string that you can't buy anymore. I still use the STOCK Rickenbacker 4003 in Jet Black, but with custom strings. THAT is not fraud, because even though I use a customized string, the guy can go to the store and buy essentially the same bass.

If you go to the store and buy an nCode six, you are NOT getting even a stock model of what Federer is using, because he is NOT using nCode base or stock frames to start with.

Marketing and sales are NOT defined as fraud and deceipt, which this tennis industry wide practice is.

I suppose only the new Volkl V-engines and the X-45 can honestly say someone is using a certain model because you can't paint in a throat V or an offset head.
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