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Originally Posted by 813wilson View Post
It was not a legitimate test - which is why there was no additional action. A little more detail about "testing positive" .....

In '05, 12 samples from the 1999 race(120 + racers) were deemed to be positive. Of those, six were attributed to Armstrong. Interestingly, the other six samples(riders) were never identified.
The reason for the test, in the first place, was to perform additonal testing/dvelopment to prevent false positive reports. Because there was no secondary sample available - it can't be considered "positive".
L'Equipe's editor in chief Michel Dalloni has been out for Armstrong for years. He even wrote a novel - The Last Tour that completely parallels Armtrong and his team/support/ownership.
That sounds alot like Barry Bonds. He had grand jury testimony illegaly leaked claiming he didnt know what he was taking. And these guys wrote a book on nothing but heresay (Game of Shadows) about how he knowingly did the roids.

Yet Barry is thrown out of the game and made an example of and the public eye finds him guilty. Lance is still hearlded a hero and such a great human being.

Tehre is no doubt in my mind that both of them did stuff. Yet they are treated completly different.

There are three reasons I can think of why I think this happened.

1. Barry doesnt hide the fact that hes an A-hole and doesnt like the media. While Lance plays into thier hands and they think hes great, but behind the scenes hes an A-Hole. Advantge Lance

2. One of them had cancer and surviced and milked it for all it was worth. Advantage Lance

3. One of them was black. Advantage Lance.
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