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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Yet Barry is thrown out of the game and made an example of and the public eye finds him guilty. Lance is still hearlded a hero and such a great human being.

You know, of course, that Barry wasn't officially thrown out of the game, just that all those major league teams independently decided not to offer him a contract (I'm sure there was no collusion going on, that would be illegal.) Maybe everybody doesn't know, though.

You make some good points. I've always been inclined to give Lance the benefit of the doubt, partially because I don't much give a hang about cycling. If he really has been a steady user of performance-enhancing substances, he's been darn good at it, lucky, and good at public relations. Maybe he's just a great athlete? Of course Pete Rose swore he never bet on baseball, Floyd Landis swore he didn't dope...
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