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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

Which is why I think every last one of them is doping.
Because something is hard - everyone must be doping?

I know some pro / ex-pro riders (not TDF level, but some close, and some that level in other variants of the sport). Of course there are stories of the drugs, and the dirty riders that would take them. There are also stories of people with ethics and morals, and people who want to live a long, healthy life after cycling, people who were clean.

I fail to see why out of a sample of 200 - you claim 100% doping. 100%?

Remember the media - and there are hundreds / thousands of people covering the tour - are desperate for a scoop. If you think 200 people are doping - how exactly does only 1 or 2 get caught? Any media outlet that can get a photo of a drug, an empty syringe, a doctor acting inappropriately - is going to be in heaven during the tour. It'll give them a month or a year's worth of hits in a day. They'll get a whole team kicked out of the tour.

It's not just the (many, many) doping controls that police the riders, it's also the media, and even the fans.

To say that every TDF rider is doping is lunacy (possibly as much lunacy as to say that none are, but the number is closer to none than all).
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