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Originally Posted by crystal_clear View Post
We won 6:2 1st set and lost 3:6 the 2nd set. Just played one point in the 3rd set, my partner got a phone call from wife the kid had nose bleeding and wanted him to come home right away to send the kid to the hospital. My partner told wife we were going to finish the match soon and we continued to play. We lost 1:6 quickly.

I feel we shouldn't continue and should retire instead. I appreciate partner committed to the match but we can't win without focusing on the game and we will be sorry if anything goes wrong with the kid due to the delay.
Nose bleeds are seldom serious. When I was a kid I got them frequently and some were very long and a bit fret-full but I survived them all. Today, they would have probably cauterized the damn vein and stopped the nuisance. In the old days, barbers used to bleed you.

The way the match scores were trending, you would have probably lost, no matter what. Your partner probably knows his wife, and that she's prone to hysteria.

Now, if the kid had been in a head-on car accident--and, his nose was bleeding that's a different story.

If the kid got a nose bleed from doing a face plant while skate-boarding down a stair-rail, I'd just let him bleed--Darwinism in action.

Just my $2.02 adjusted for inflation.

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