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Originally Posted by polski View Post
perhaps, unless the nodebleed was caused by getting hit in the face with a baseball or something extreme.

my brother lost a flyball in the sun when he was 8 or 9 & took one right on the nose. several surgeries later he was OK. if mom or dad were playing a tennis match, i know they would have quit the match to get to the your initial post indicated was being debated.
If the cause of the nosebleed is serious like being in an MVA or trauma to the face, the wife should not call and wait for the husband to come home. She should seek immediate attention for her kid. If there is an uncontrolled nosebleed not from trauma that has been going on despite attempts to control it, again waiting for the husband to come home and go to the hospital is too long. Basically the wife sounded she didn't know what to do (or perhaps was annoyed her husband was gone for a tennis match so long and wanted a way to get him home sooner )
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