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Talking There was another post... Tennis Tips/Instruction where the OP said that Federer's forehand had technical faults, and he needed to change it. There's also the thought, running through this thread and others, that he's not moving as well as he used to.

All of the above could be true. However, even though he just got beaten in the quarters of two Slams (which was going to happen eventually), he still won the Australian, and I'd bet on him to win the USO this year.

So maybe there's nothing wrong with Roger that a well-deserved vacation won't fix. However...having said all that good stuff, as a ski racer and tennis player, if my game goes off, one initial tactic I'll try is, change the tool rather than the way I use the tool and see what happens. So, IMHO, I don't think it's as drastic as saying that Fed "has to" go to a bigger head size racket, but it might be interesting if he tried one or two, in practice. I'm pretty sure Wilson could come up with some demos...
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