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Originally Posted by sebastiaN911
your mom thinks im cool though
i take 39 sh1ts a day
oh nig plzzz it aint tha racquet its da player holdin the racqueetttttttt
if i saw a sweaty shirtless guy i'd fcukin chase his fat ***** down...
u shoulda went as a s.l.ut.t.y nurse !
if i was ur doubles partner id pants u
riddique... lmao thats the gayest sh1t i herd
but u shood throw ur racquet at them
i can do one girly pushup
u shooda said "did u see the *** on that one!"
im 69 and i act 12....
Your mom thinks I'm handsome
im 6 years old b*tchesssss
i'd steal his racquet then kidnap him and RANSOM HIS @$$ for 10- MILLION DOLALRS
"Pay some brown people to make cheap clothes,"
Another "witty" comment from the King of Cool. I've seen other people get banned from here for alot less. Maybe with any luck one of the Mods will see your "contributions" to the TT forum. Or better yet maybe one of your parents will see. Your obviously not here to use the forum for what it is for.

Maybe you didnt see these requirements when you signed on here.

TW Message Board Policies

1. No obscene or profane language is allowed. This one’s pretty easy – none of the "Big 7" dirty words you used to not be able to say on television are allowed. Our moderating filter is designed to catch these words. Any that slip through will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be asked to discontinue. Persistent offenders will be blocked from the boards.

2. No personal attacks or abusive language is allowed. If you have a problem with someone, take it off of Talk Tennis. Antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated. Debating issues and opinions is fine, but flaming and insulting won’t be tolerated.

Tennis Warehouse reserves the right to block access to Talk Tennis for anyone who chooses not to abide by the policies listed above. Thanks for your cooperation and participation on Talk Tennis.

I'll see you around...then again...maybe not.
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