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Originally Posted by Sports101 View Post
So the only difference between the 940 and the 910 is the clamps? And there's an eighty dollars difference for the clamps, so you guys think its worth it?
They wanted $110 a piece for me to upgrade my standard clamps to the quick clamps. So $80 seems like a good deal if they hold up. I think there's a chance either type will break. That's the risk of going with something half the cost of next step up(gamma 5k or 6k). At least in my case, the standard clamps can be easily upgraded and serviced. I dug up the email my friend sent me regarding his broken Combo 910 clamp :

I loaned my machine to rob when it was just a few months old and he had trouble getting one of the bases to hold. When he tightened the base hard; internal pieces broke and it got stuck locked in place. I took it apart and freed it but saw cheap broken parts inside and at that time I wished I had gotten yours. I was not impressed with parts (soft metal) nor construction for $230.

I called them and they said send in all the pieces and they would fix it. I forgot one part and they wrote me saying piece was missing and I took a few days to find it making a fool of myself. I sent 2nd shipment with missing part and while the process took a long time they fixed it for the cost of shipping only. Considering I took it apart and forgot a piece combined with their reputation for customer service I thought they were reasonable and it ended well. I haven't really had any issues since then but the glue on the circular cover never stuck on after I peeled it off so I worry about dirt getting in. When I wrote them they sent me instructions on how I could have adjusted the base so yes to that question and I felt a little foolish. I haven't had to adjust them so I'm not sure how effective provisions are.
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