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[QUOTE=OrangeOne;4844931]Because something is hard - everyone must be doping?

I know some pro / ex-pro riders (not TDF level, but some close, and some that level in other variants of the sport). Of course there are stories of the drugs, and the dirty riders that would take them. There are also stories of people with ethics and morals, and people who want to live a long, healthy life after cycling, people who were clean.

I fail to see why out of a sample of 200 - you claim 100% doping. 100%?


A person can have "ethics and morals" and not be "clean." Once you get to a certain level in sports, you lose a lot of control over what goes into your body. So unless you don't go near a doctor, don't ingest anything or have any injections, you can never be sure.
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