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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
For figure skating, I would put the percentage of high-end participants (top 10 in each major country) at 2% (assuming you don't consider rhinestones to be doping).

For the Tour de France, I would put the percentage of participants in the 2010 race who are doping at 90%. The other 10% wanted to dope but couldn't get their shipment of testosterone patches through customs. I mean, it doesn't do much good to have just Armstrong doping. I assume his posse can't do him any good if they are at the bottom of the mountain sucking on oxygen tanks.

That's what I think.
I think if you understood the tour a little more you'd know that the 'posse' does indeed end up left behind by the team leaders / specialist riders.

I know such a situation doesn't limit your scenario, and I know we sit at the polar opposite ends of the spectrum here. I hope you meet some amazing people that are, or have been, pro cyclists, and you get to know them well enough to find out more of the truth.

Here's the thing:

This almost feels like an 'ism'. Sexism, Racism, Cycle-ism? Ok, so I'm being extreme, but so are positions here.

I believe it's always wrong to tar everyone with a brush simply because some commit a crime. I firmly believe it's wrong to tar the whole sport of cycling because some dopes dope. I also firmly believe the doping isn't as 'beyond testing' as people say - if it were, how come some very, very high profile riders are getting caught - surely if anyone, they'd have access to the 'mysterious undetectable stuff'?
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