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Originally Posted by MLtennis View Post
Gee - how did the new racquet work for you? Just curious... I'm interested in that stick as well and thought I'd see how the transition went for you. Thanks!
Well... finally I hit with PB10 Mid. The first terms that come to my mind are: maneuverable, solid, firm, very quick at the net, precise, you get what you put in. A very versatile frame.

Especially you know it when you hit the ball clean. A very satisfied feeling involved with a pok sound.

Groundstrokes: The PB10 Mid swings pretty light but still solid and a firm feel at ball contact. A bit contradictory regarding the 330 swingweight but I think this is due the thinner beam width and smaller headsize. Through this it is a spin friendly frame as well.

Volleys: This is really the best part of this frame IMO. Simply great! I was dancing at the net! And it is sooo solid! Great touch as well.

Smashes: I noticed I need to focus more with the mid size because I'm used to mp. When I hit clean the smashes were solid and precise. Besides I was able to hit difficult backhand smashes with a handy wrist movement and a great touch.

BTW I customized the rectangular grip shape by adding 2 layers of master tape at the wider pallet faces.
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