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Originally Posted by The Baseline View Post
look i know youve heard enough of a federer racquet switch already but this time its serious. federer falling to number 3 is catastrophic at the least. federers game has really taken a hit because of a lack of power. what he needs to do to make up for it is to go to a wide beamed 95-98 frame. federer should do some testing with wilson and look at the BLX Pro Open. A 96 inch frame would work well for federer at this point in his career.
Catastrophic? Really? A soon to be 29 year old fantastic tennis player has dropped - wait for it.... two points in his ranking. Come on, a little perspective please.

Listen, I'm a huge fan of Roger's game. I think, repeat think, some of this has to do with the points system - I could be wrong. He won the French and Wimbledon last year - can't gain points on those results. Loses in the 1/4s at both so he takes a big hit. Those along with a few other results. Like Nadal last year(all of his FO and beyond results are positive points), now he has an opportunity to "bank" points after the AO of 11. Win a couple of events - a tune up to the French, IW or Miami, a Wimby tune up and all of the sudden he's got a chance at moving up.

Why don't we let the summer hard courts play out and then talk about the catastrophe that is his game.
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