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Originally Posted by Sports101 View Post
So the only difference between the 940 and the 910 is the clamps? And there's an eighty dollars difference for the clamps, so you guys think its worth it?
Originally Posted by Sizz View Post
They wanted $110 a piece for me to upgrade my standard clamps to the quick clamps. So $80 seems like a good deal if they hold up. I think there's a chance either type will break. That's the risk of going with something half the cost of next step up(gamma 5k or 6k). At least in my case, the standard clamps can be easily upgraded and serviced. I dug up the email my friend sent me regarding his broken Combo 910 clamp :
I owned a Flex 940 for a year before I bought my SP Aria, and now my sister is stringing on the Flex 940. I did indeed upgrade the clamps, if you can call it that, for a total of 200 bucks after wheedling him down 20 from 220. They aren't worth it because the clamp bases are not a quality product. I honestly would just use the conelock ones as they require next to no adjustment whereas the cam clamps need to be finely adjusted sometimes as you're stringing.
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