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Originally Posted by MLtennis View Post
Gee - thank you so much for the review - have you ever hit with a Head Prestige MP and if so could you compare the two? I tried asking on another thread but little response so far. I'm excited that the volleys felt great - what about serves? You mentioned that the overheads were tricky getting used to with the smaller head so I'm curious about the weight and size coming through on the serve.
A few years ago I demoed both MG Prestige MP and Mid. The MGP Mid is much better IMO. Much more solid and better control and plow through. I think you should compare the PB10 Mid with the MGP Mid. TW seems to agree with this as they mention the Prestige Mid a similar racquet. See similar racquets at the Volkl PB10 Mid page.

Unfortunately I didn't serve with the PB10 Mid yesterday but I think it 'll swing easy with a solid hit as the smashes felt like that. BTW the smaller head size with smashes was not a big issue. I only need to get used to it.
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