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Originally Posted by fish View Post
Thank you Gee's ching advice.
My playing style is loving to play topspin and underspin shot. my usual rkt is very old wilson rkt , head size about 80-85 size, 16x19. but too flexible for me , especially sometime volley shot, or want to add force for passing shot, seems the rkt bending too much to affect my control. needs a bit stiffer, not too stiff, like most modern tennis rkt,
does tech 335 quite stiff in feel during playing.
tend to try 18x20 for more firmer stringbed feel , but do two version has much stringbed feel variation ??
T335 feels very similar during play like the old Wilson 6.1s but not as extremely stiff. However they are still stiff enough (RA flex 66 unstrung). So they are a bit more comfortable and arm friendly.

Especially volleys are great with the TF335. Solid as a rock!

I would choose the 16x20 version as you play a lot with spin. The 18x20 is also a bit more unforgiving IMO.
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