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Originally Posted by jon166
man something about a guy just sitting back with his head reclined all the way back taking a nice big drag seems so ... cool.

i want to pick up smoking, but it's bad for your body... i wish it wasn't..

hell i might smoke anyways, its so cool
It's not cool, but it may SEEM cool the way other "risky" behavior can appear cool. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet, bungy jumping off a bridge, rock climbing without a safty line, etc, etc - these can appear to make you look confident and cool. However, sooner or later, the odds will be against you. A single mistake can kill you quickly, or - in the case of smoking - may lead to a long slow painful death.

I smoked up to two packs a day for 20 years. I've been "clean" for about 13 years now. I still don't have the lung capacity that I SHOULD have, but other than that I was pretty lucky and, to date, have not had any medical problems from the smoke. You may be lucky too, or you may be dead by the time your my age. Most of the risk factors that lead to a short life are completely within your control. Choose wisely.
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