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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
Federer falling to number three is catastrophic, he he...
federer falling to number three is a big hit for the tennis world. you dont think its catastrophic because you probally arent around the game much. worldwide federer is arguably more popular than tiger woods and is sitting in the passenger seat only to michael jordan. federers collapse is monumental and is historical because of just how high he set the bar and for a player like djokovic to pass roger in the rankings serves as one of the biggest storylines in tennis history. federer is and by far is the most skilled player to ever play on the tour, yet his skill hasnt diminished that much. its little things like an extra bit of pop from the racquet and some added speed to his forehand and backhand. federer needs to try an 11-11.5 98 square inch frame and watch him win slam after slam. its just the little things......
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