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I mean, I usually don't like blaming the victim, but come on, don't believe everything you see from a mile away.

I don't at all think its obvious. I mean look at some of the investigations going on into "what's really under the hood" in this pro player racquet folder. People will zoom in at the throat and notice its flat or curved or whatever to deductively reason that's not a certain racquet and continue the investigation. My goodness, even if you're resourceful and a careful consumer, you can't even get the correct info to shop on, doesn't that bug you at all? I'd like to know one person in this whole messageboard, that before he came on this messageboard, had the superior common sense or intuition that they saw andre agassi playing with a ti.radical and say "oh yeah, that's so obvious that's not a ti.radical". I highly doubt it. I wasted over a $100 bucks on a racquet that i was trying to choose: a real light tweener or a heavier one, and since I didn't have any more info to go on, I picked the one that I saw the pro play with because I thought that REPRESENTED A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF QUALITY. Lo and behold, come on this board, and I found out the truth. And even worse, that other racquet i discounted turned out to be much better for me and quality-wise and ended up playing with it. It hits my piggy bank you betcha I'll say something.
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