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OK, I demoed the Volkl PB10Mid today with my Head Prestige MP's. Boy, this is a close call. This is how they felt to me -

Volkl was considerably heavier which was great for plow-through. On groundstrokes when I missed the sweet spot the Volkl made for better recovery in that I could still get the ball deep as opposed to the Prestige where mishits landed short in the court. The Volkl also felt EVEN better than the Prestige against heavy balls due to it's weight. Not that this has ever been an issue with the Prestige but I did notice a slight improvement. I also thought the Prestige was better for slice backhands - not really sure why but I felt more solid shots coming off the Prestige than the Volkl when sliced. Opposite for topspin.

At net the Volkl was more solid but no more or less manouverable than the Prestige. The feel coming through a volley was amazing - very confident. Due to the extra power in the Volkl I did spray a few shots long and/or wide but could get used to that quickly. The smaller head size was not an issue in the least. The Prestige was the better serving racquet in my opinion - it's solid and not quite as headlight which seemed to give me more pace and control for placement at the same time.

Overall - my scoring would look like this:

Groundstrokes - even score - but for different reasons. I don't need the extra power of the PB10 Mid but it does feel nice and solid. Prestige allowed me more directional control - hit some great angles with the Prestige.
Net - PB10 Mid has the slight edge here - confidence built by the solidness of the racquet was awesome.
Serving - Prestige has the edge here - overall more pace AND control.

Going to stick with my Prestige MP's for now - but if the Volkl's go on sale I might be tempted.
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