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I believe the OP must be right about the Tricomp being unappreciated. If it can't get out from under the mighty shadow of the Spectrum Comp even in its own thread, it has to be the Rodney Dangerfield of Prince 80's racquets!

It is indeed odd today to consider a 22 mm beam a "widebody", but believe it or not the Tricomp was regarded that way when it was introduced. It wasn't the width alone (which the Dunlop Max 200G and its siblings already had, IIRC); it was the the hollow construction and beam cross section shape (a long, thin oval, like that of the more obvious widebodies like the Profile and T-Stick and like most racquets today) that separated it from forebears that occupied a similar place in the Prince line-up.

... And if white racquets are automatically chicksticks, I'm ready to turn in my Y chromosome so I can keep using 'em.
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