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Originally Posted by The Baseline View Post
........ to a wide beamed 95-98 frame. ....... the BLX Pro Open. .....
No thanks. That will feel like trash to him, coming from the Pro Staff and tour 90 families of frames.

95 to 98 head, 18 to 21mm beam, 13 ounces. headlight balance, firm layup, but not too firm.

You're right, though, it'll have to be a Wilson. But it's funny to imagine him with some other great frames from other manufacturers: the Babolat PSL. Dunlop 200 Tour. Volkl c10 Pro. Prestige (a real one, not that ***** they're putting out nowadays).

He will not do this now. November through January to hang with the Wilson product mgrs... playtest and adjust. Oz Oipen final, I'm hoiping.

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