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Originally Posted by OrangeOne View Post
Time to read less John Grisham, or watch less CSI / House.

Any athlete who is choosing to stay clean, is also more than aware that they need to be meticulous about consumption. This is their career that has taken years and years of training.

What you are alleging there, by the way, doctors medicating people illegally / without their full knowledge and consent, and worse, without a condition requiring the medication....if and when it occurs would be enough to both have a doctor lose their licence to practice medicine and be jailed.

So you're proposing that both doctors and pro athletes - both are people who have to train for a decade to be 'qualified & effective' in their career - regularly risk this. I can see that the guy coming 3rd might want to come first (Landis). I can't see that the guy coming 56th would risk this to come 49th, and I can see very very few doctors with around 10 years of study risking a career and freedom...

What a joke and stupid stereotypical comment; I dont actually watch House or CSI. What are you, twelve years old? Continuing a discussion with you wouldnt be the best use of my time, and by the way, you made all of the assumptions here including the use of the word "regularly."
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