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After stringing my new PB10mid with Bab VS Touch (16g) in the mains at 55lbs and Weiss Cannon Silverstring crosses at 53lbs, I measured the specs and the static weight is 342g and balance is 32.3cm or 6 pts HL. I'm not usually comfortable with balances less than 9-10 pts HL but this felt perfectly fine compared to my BLX 90 and 95 sticks. Really liked the stability and plow and feeback that this gives on all strokes. The grip shape is a littler weird but quite nice on my SW forehand grip but strange on my eastern OHBH grip. Probably get used to this in time. Overall a thumbs up for this racket and I'll be using this for a while now and see if I really do prefer it to my BLX 90 and 95.
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