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Originally Posted by BridgetJones View Post
Read my post and tell me where I said doctors were doping athletes without their knowledge. I never said that. You were the one that went there. All I said was that the only way to know 100 percent if you are clean is to never take anything or let anyone do anything.
"Reach a certain level in sports" + "Lose control over what goes into you body" + "Unless you don't go near a doctor"

^^Yes, I assumed that was what you meant. Sure, it was an assumption but it wasn't a long bow to draw.

My point was that you can be an athlete with "morals and ethics" and get a tainted supplement. Or someone can make a mistake. You can do everything right and something can happen. I felt like that needed to be said in this thread.
Ok. It is a point. I don't think it's a big point in this discussion, but that's imho.

And you are not the only person with knowledge on this topic.
Oh please. The only reason I said what I said there as a sarcastic quip in response to the 12 year old quip. I didn't say I was the only one. Me highlighting my own knowledge doesn't logically exclude others.

Believe it or not when I posted to you in this thread I thought we might have an interesting discussion.

The House comment was unnecessary. That is not a surprise though, seems to happen to the women on this forum. When Canadian Chic made a comment about the Kardashian show people assumed she was jealous. So typical. If I say something I must have got it from a TV show.
Whoooah there. Back the truck up. Me quipping that your comments seemed TV-Drama-inspired is sexism? Where do I start?

a. I have no firm idea that anyone is a guy or a girl on here until they actually say so, and even then...

b. Guys don't watch too much TV too?

c. I watch house. Does that make me female? Or at least somewhat androgynous? I might have to stop watching it to protect my masculinity.

d. Seriously. I mean....Seriously?

Next time, please leave your irrelevant - to this discussion, anyways - agendas at the door. If you want to discuss sexism in and of itself, fine, I'll probably chime in. But don't spend time lecturing me about assumptions and then make a fat & juicy one yourself, and then let it spool up your own agenda and make accusations at me over it. It wasn't a sexist remark, and I resent the accusation that it was.
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