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OrangeOne, it is refreshing to know their are still people in the world who have faith in the honesty and integrity of their fellow men and women when millions of dollars in endorsements are at stake. It's kinda cute.

Really, now. Marion Jones doped for years and wasn't caught until her name turned up in BALCO's files. If she could do it, anyone could.

So you're proposing that both doctors and pro athletes - both are people who have to train for a decade to be 'qualified & effective' in their career - regularly risk this. I can see that the guy coming 3rd might want to come first (Landis). I can't see that the guy coming 56th would risk this to come 49th, and I can see very very few doctors with around 10 years of study risking a career and freedom...
Perhaps there are very few doctors willing to risk it.

You only need to find one.

And if you're an athlete, it's not like you face a firing squad if you get caught. You get a suspension and then you get to resume your career. I can see how someone who is No. 10 in the 100 m dash might dope to get to No. 1. Like I said, there are millions of collars at stake, and if you go to someone really really good you can pass endless drug tests and come up clean every time.

Like Marion Jones did.
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