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Default Volkl Power Bridge 10 mid control issues

I just purchased two PB 10s after demoing the racquet for two weeks through TW.

Had no issues with the demos but the racquets I purchased feel like rocket launchers (in a bad way)!

I have a full western forehand and single handed backhand and take big cuts at the ball on every shot - aggressive baseliner

I know some have described this racquet to be under powered but I never felt this way - racquet has plenty of pop and control when you need it (when trying to create angles etc). At least for the demos I felt this way.

The first demo was strung with gripper - which I felt was a bit too elastic feeling (not enough ball pocketing) the 2nd had standard synthetic gut and had great control (all forehands/backhands were dropping in).

For the 2 I purchased I requested two matched racquets. The two I have a swing weight of 286 (unstrung) so probably around 316 strung. They are both strung with full Natural Gut Job (Babolat VS at 54 lbs). All my balls are sailing long 1-2 feet with the new racquets. I've used Gut at 54 lbs before but in a lighter racquet - could this be the issue? The swing weight of the racquets I requested is pretty low but I can't imagine (or I hope) that isn't causing the control issues. I am able to get my forehand in if I hit without bending my elbow only as this way there is more upward momentum in the ball but no use of racquet's heft.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.. thx!
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