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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
OrangeOne, it is refreshing to know their are still people in the world who have faith in the honesty and integrity of their fellow men and women when millions of dollars in endorsements are at stake. It's kinda cute.
Wow, I've had my thoughts called cute and I've also been called effectively sexist in the one thread. That's a first. Remarkably, I don't feel patronised at all!

Really, now. Marion Jones
I'm glad you bring her up in a post that includes your comment:

And if you're an athlete, it's not like you face a firing squad if you get caught. You get a suspension and then you get to resume your career.
She went to jail. Ok, so it was for perjury, but it all started with the drugs, and stemmed from the drugs. The suspension you mention can end many careers. Many sports are putting tougher penalties in place. If an athlete is caught in the tour, the whole team can and often is booted - tens of millions of dollars are at stake.

If she could do it, anyone could.
Disagree, she was already uber-elite. Your average competitor doesn't have the resources, pull, or access that she did. Again, doping (in a way to avoid being caught) is a science, and requires significant time, effort and resources to get it 'just right'.


Here's the thing. We are all presented with options every day in our life that represent ethical decisions, many that have financial outcomes. Some that risk our reputations too.

What am I saying? I'm saying anyone can choose to throw their morals out the window at any time, and earn more dollars in questionable ways. Why is it that you think that just because people become a professional athlete they are automatically willing to do this?

Remember, they're not just risking their career and reputation from friends and family, they're also risking the fame many crave so much, and potentially gaining a reputation of a different kind for life. I mean - do you think the average cyclist passes Landis in the street and waves a happy hello?
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