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Originally Posted by swinger View Post
For the 2 I purchased I requested two matched racquets. The two I have a swing weight of 286 (unstrung) so probably around 316 strung. They are both strung with full Natural Gut Job (Babolat VS at 54 lbs). All my balls are sailing long 1-2 feet with the new racquets. I've used Gut at 54 lbs before but in a lighter racquet - could this be the issue? The swing weight of the racquets I requested is pretty low but I can't imagine (or I hope) that isn't causing the control issues. I am able to get my forehand in if I hit without bending my elbow only as this way there is more upward momentum in the ball but no use of racquet's heft.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.. thx!
Something isn't right with your reported swingweight. TW lists it at 337 and a few posters (including me) think it is significantly lower at about 325-327. 316 is too far off.
I also concur that your strings and setup will make a noticeable difference.
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