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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
It sounds like you guys are lumping all defaults into one.

There is a difference between defaulting because you got injured, defaulting because you don't have enough players, and defaulting because you have been mathematically disqualified from winning and you gave up so you can go home early. Last two will get you in hot water...first one won't.
If you get injured during the match you retire, you dont default.

Unless you get injured in the warmup or the drive there or something.... (at some point if it was early enough either you should of notified the captain or they should of done something about it)

Also people that have been sick or hurt all week long and wait until the day of the match to tell you about it are somewhat suspect as being good or bad.

My good players let me know ahead of time so I can at least think about a backup plan. The bad player selfishly wants that last second chance at playing so they dont say anything until it's way too late.

There is also a rare default where you just quit the match because you are mad. (if you quit and are not hurt or tired, technically that's a default and it's a 6-0, 6-0 score, but nobody probably puts it in that way). That one is bad as well.

I was on a 3.0 team where a guy on it did that once because he thought his opponent was cheating, and he left the match and we never saw him again. (good riddance)
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