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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Here were the net stats I took on this:

Borg 34 of 52(65%)
Mac 124 of 190(65%)
Borg came in a lot more than this at Wimbledon.

When Wilander finally beat Lendl at the USO in '88 he did it with over 130 net approaches; I remember how he'd lost the previous year and how it felt like he just didn't get aggressive enough. So I always figured that Wilander found a "solution" to the USO that might have worked for Borg.

Thing is, Wilander was facing another baseliner. Borg, if he wanted to come in more, would have had to take the net away from McEnroe -- or face him up there nose to nose. It would have been difficult; and I'm not saying Borg should have approached as many as 130 times. But I think he would have benefited from coming in more.

His winning percentage up there is not bad.
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