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My understanding is that microfracture requires 1 year of recovery time?

Originally Posted by danix View Post
Notice the question mark.
Feeling a little ****ed off and sorry for myself right now.
I've been playing since roughly the age of 12.
Now, at age 39, I've been through:
- knee scoping. they found cartilage loss, and did microfractures to help
- shoulder scoping. Debur, debride, Mumford. Worked great for a few months and then a different part of the shoulder started hurting. We won't talk about the left shoulder I tore when recovering from surgery on the right side due to a bicycle accident...

Now my knee is acting up again, and I know the next step is an ACI procedure (autologous cartilege injection, aka Carticel). I'm willing to deal with the 6 months of rehab, but according to their site, patients who have it, have a 49% rate of going under the knife again.

I have to start asking myself - is it time to give up competitive tennis? I can't imagine not playing tennis with the mindset that I want to win, and improve, playing tournaments, leagues, whatever. I see 60, 70, 85 year old men and women playing, and I want that to be me.

Obviously I have to have some conversations with my ortho, but if you've been through this, or are going through it, feel free to chime in.
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