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Great work with the stats Krosero. This was a tough, close fought battle. I remember McEnroe complaining during a line call in perhaps the first set. This match was considered real big as the two were coming off their W epic. McEnroe yelled something to the effect of, come on.."this is the biggest match in history"..obviously he understood how much attention their matches were starting to get. When Borg won the fourth set, going into the fifth set, I fully expected him to have his first US Open title. Some more net approaches would have helped Borg perhaps, but two things come to mind, first Borg just didn't return as well as he sometimes did against McEnroe's great lefty delivery (in the ad court was where McEnroe could do the most damage, since he would often swing the serve out wide). Borg made more errors than usual there. Also, he served relatively poorly on this day (% wise). That did him in, even though he often won the rallies. This was the first five set Borg had after a string of about 17 straight 5 set wins for him. For guys that have played a lot of five set matches, he and Nadal have the best 5 set winning percentages (as evidenced by that other thread). Great match and win for McEnroe. I consider it perhaps his best win over Borg.
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